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Premier Comfort Systems LLC
Achieving Comfort While Saving Energy
The Owner
I am  passionate about the work we do and we have a common goal to do it right and stand behind what we do. Our experience level is deep and we are always learning, so that we can offer more. Everyone on our team is “hands on”, so we have our personal touch on every part of our projects.

Gary Hayden, PE - Owner of Premier Comfort Systems LLC and gbH Engineering PLLC, has over 30 years experience in engineering and implementing projects. Gary, a Professional Engineer registered in Virginia, specializes in the area of hydronic heating and cooling. Experienced with solar, geothermal, condensing boilers, state of the art plumbing designs, rainwater management, radiant floor heating and chilled water cooling systems. His focus is also on the building envelope analysis and utilization of both simple HVAC systems and more complex interdependent systems utilizing sustainable design. 


The Owner
Contact Us - (757) 354-2511